Sunday, September 20, 2009

The weekend.

It is now Sunday night and my family is watching the Dallas Cowboys play in their new stadium. The Houston Texans pulled a win off today so my husband is a happier guy. We have had a very eventful weekend.

Saturday started with me going to work. I met a very sweet lady who is wanting to sell her home so that she can move closer to her son and grandchildren. I felt the need to hug this lady. She reminded me so much of my grandmother, only a little taller. And as she decides to put her home on the market that she has owned for 40 years she begins to tell me stories of her kids growing up. She used to wait to wave to her child's teacher from across the way and when the teacher waved back, she would allow her son to walk over to class. At the end of the day the teacher would wave back and her son would walk back home. That doesn't happen in today'a world. And there are kids and families out there who do not get to celebrate the first day of kindergarten. Unfortunately we are one of those families who will not get to see their daughter achieve that milestone. This sweet lady just made me smile as she was telling me stories. I think that I am lucky to at least have one happy little boy to celebrate life. We miss our little girl, and we pray that if it is God's will, we will be blessed with another one. We are putting our lives in his hands and letting him be the boss.
We ventured up to College Station to cheer on the Texas A&M Aggies play a football game. My nephew is starting for them this year so it was extra special to go to a game at a school where I graduated from and see a younger generation of my family play. My mom in Heaven would be so proud of him. I remember days when I was a kid and she would cheer so loud for the Aggies. Now I know where I get it from. In a lot of ways I am truly my mother's daughter. We had a minor mishap and Chase got separated from us, but some very nice police men found him. My heart sank for a few short minutes. It makes you realize how quick they can get away from you. Chase is on the right and Mitch is on the left. These 2 boys have so much fun together.

We are now in the process of teaching my 2 1/2 year old what his mom and dad's names are. When they asked him he said "mommy" and "daddy". So he is now in training at the house.

We went to church this morning and as usual it seemed like Pastor Mark was speaking directly to me. I do not think that a Sunday goes by that I do not break down in tears when the music starts. It just really gets to me and I miss my little girl so much. I get teary eyed every time. Today's message was about your "story" and how your story changes when tragedy happens and what good comes from that. I sat there with tears in my eyes and thought about my story. Which is now the story of baby Jordan. She was here for such a short time and we are hoping that her "story" can reach tons of people. Pastor Mark talks straight to my heart when he talks about God taking people to heaven. He chuckled but said that maybe God likes that person who passed away better than us. They are the lucky ones, we are here to live our life and struggle daily with good and evil. She is the lucky one? I believe that, but it just tears at my heart when I think of her gone. Randy and I have work to do on our family "story". How will we be able to impact someone else's life for the good? We definitely have work to do. We are hoping to continue to help support SIDS research to help save babies. This cause will remain on our hearts and we want to do something every year to celebrate her little life and raise awareness and money for research. I need to continue to do something to help others. Even if that is continuing this blog so that it stays in the minds of others.

There are days that go by when I do not think about her every hour, there are still times that I feel guilty when she slips from my mind. I know that is not right and not fair on myself. She is in a better place. But I just REALLY, REALLY miss her. It has been 4 long weeks since she went to Heaven. There are times it still feels like just yesterday.

Randy's parents are coming to town for doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we will get to spend the evening as a family. Chase is excited to see his Poppy and Grandma. We just keep taking it one day at a time.


  1. Jaime, This blog is truly inspiring! Your "story" is right now, in this moment! I hope you know what a positive impact it is making in so many people's lives. I think about you & your family every day. I have a 3 1/2 yr. old son who I stay @ home with in Magnolia. If you guys are ever looking for a playdate or just a reason to get out of the house for a while, I'd love to get together! Thinking of you~ Courtney (Haynes) Wurz :)

  2. Jaime....I am saw this blog on Laura Shook's blog page and felt compelled to read it. Once I saw the pic of Chase and Jordan, I realized that I recognized you guys from COF...I worked back at the check in desk up until just recently and have seen you guys many times with Chase and I believe I may have even helped in the nursery with Jordan (I could be mistaken but she just seemed so familiar to me before I realized you went to COF) My heart is breaking for you after reading the blog from the beginning..This is the second time I have read a blog this week that has made me cry...I too like the lady above have a 3 1/2yr old son and I am a stay at home mom..We live off Fry and 529 area. If you ever need to get Chase together with someone to play with, my son Alex would love it. I know we do not know each other personally but maybe we can meet through church sometime. I will continue to keep you close in my thoughts and prayers. May I post about your bbque on Facebook?? Just let me know. I would like to get the word out for you guys to raise alot of money for sweet Jordan's memory.

  3. Thanks Courtney, if it helps someone else than the time is also worth it. It really makes me feel better to get it all out and share. We live too close to not get together. I would really enjoy that.
    Kim. thanks for reading. I welcome the opportunity to share the information about the benefit on facebook. We are hoping for a good turnout. The food will be great and at $10 a plate it will be a great value. Jordan did go to the nursery for 2 weeks prior to passing away. We waited until she was 7 weeks old to bring her. She is our angel. I appreciate the prayers and the play date offer. I will have to take you up on that. My son loves to play.