Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Challenge

Christmas is a time of celebration. The birth of our savior so long ago. I wonder if Mary put the baby Jesus to sleep on his back. What an amazing tale of a mother's love. I lean on Jesus for strength and security in times of trouble and joy.

I can't help but think about our little Jordan and wonder what she would be doing. How much she would have grown and what she would be like? We have created this foundation to help give Jordan a voice to be able to help save other babies. Randy and I are looking forward to 2011 to be a year that will see the MBJ Foundation for SIDS to grow and make an impact in the community.

I will be posting articles about SIDS and preventive tips throughout the year on this blog site as well. Getting the word out and spreading information to as many people as possible is an important part of the MBJ Foundation for SIDS.

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